Matheson Farms Supplies the Community Food Co-op

The logo for Matheson Farms Grass Fed Beef

Matheson Farms is proud to announce that we supply grass fed beef to the Bellingham Community Food Co-op main store and the Cordata store as well.

The products selected include Ground Beef, Stew Meat, Stir Fry, Rib Eye Steak, and New York Steak. At Matheson Farms, we do not give hormones nor do we feed preventative antibiotics. The animals are fed a forage based diet: grass (with hay and silage supplemented in winter) – not grain finished.

As always, Matheson Farms grass fed beef is still available from the farm. We are currently taking reservations for summer on whole, half, or quarter beef. Please call us for details 360-220-5103 or visit the Beef Page .

Downtown Co-op
1220 N. Forest St., Downtown Bellingham

Cordata Co-op
315 Westerly Road at Cordata Parkway

2 Responses to Matheson Farms Supplies the Community Food Co-op

  1. PS: The Bennetts have supplied grass fed beef to the co-op in the past. They have recently retired from the beef business, so I was asked to take their place. They are great people and will be missed by their customers. They’re a tough act to follow!

  2. Matheson Farms is now supplying grass fed beef to the Deli at the Cordata Community Food Co-op store!