Retail Price List



Item: Price  Beef          Yak

Ground                     $  6.75/lb        7.25/lb

Beef Patties 1/3 lb   $  7.25/lb       7.75/lb

Stew Meat                 $  7.00/lb      7.40/lb

Stir Fry                       $  7.75/lb       7.90/lb

Cross Cut Shanks     $  6.00/lb     6.25/lb

Tenderloin Steak      $16.60/lb   16.75/lb

New York Steak        $15.50/lb    15.75/lb

Rib Eye Steak            $15.50/lb   15.75/lb

T-Bone Steak             $12.50/lb  12.75/lb

Sirloin Steak              $ 10.25/lb 10.50/lb

Flat Iron                      $  8.75/lb  9.00/lb

Rump Roast              $  7.25/lb    7.75/lb

Blade Roast               $  7.00/lb   7.75/lb

Tri Tip Roast             $  9.50/lb   9.75/lb

Tri Tip Steak             $10.50/lb  11.00/lb

Kabobs (Sirloin) *    $  8.40/lb   8.75/lb

Short Ribs                 $  5.25/lb    5.75/lb

Back Ribs                  $  5.00/lb    5.25/lb

Marrow Bones         $  4.00/lb   4.00/lb

Tongue                      $  5.00/lb   5.00/lb

Heart                         $  4.65/lb   4.75/lb

Liver                          $  5.75/lb   6.00/lb

Knuckle Bones        $  3.25/lb   3.25/lb

Internal Fat*           $  3.50/lb   3.50/lb

Brisket                     $  7.50/lb   8.25/lb


If you don’t see it on the list – ask us!

*If you have a special event and need to order Kabobs or anything out of the ordinary or in large quantities, please pre-order 6-8 weeks in advance. Supplies vary, so advance notice for any order increases your chances of getting what you want.


Thank You!