Grass Fed Beef for Sale


Notice: Farm Stand is Closed for the winter due to cold weather. Please feel free to  place an order  for pick up at an arranged time.


We have a large variety of cuts in both beef and Yak Beef. 

We have natural Grass Fed Beef and Yak for sale. Try some today!

Natural Grass Fed Beef is healthy and higher in Omega 3 Fatty Acids than animals fed concentrate/grain diets. We do not use growth implants nor preventative antibiotics.

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Have you tried our Yak Beef?

Matheson Farms is located at 228 East Smith Road, Bellingham, WA  98226 – 1/4 mile east of Guide Meridian on East Smith Road, north side of the road. We are currently working by appointment. We have ground beef, patties, stew meat, stir fry, steaks, short ribs, soup bones and roasts.  We have the same cuts in Yak Beef as well.  While supplies last!

We are open year round but work by appointment only by appointment only until the farm stand re-opens in better weather.

Please contact us to check availability and if you wish to pre-order.

Have a special event coming up and want to serve grass fed beef or Yak?

Do you need to place an order for a special occasion or gathering?

Contact Us  to order right away!

We will be happy to accommodate your needs if we can. Because we are not a large operation, some special orders require  6-8 weeks notice ( depending upon the size of the order) to plan for and process. If you don’t see it on our list, please ask.

We can mix and match for a custom package. Ask us!

For the Full Grass Fed Beef Price List: ‎

 Retail Price List

Tasty and Lean Grass Fed Beef & Steaks for Sale. Perfect for grilling! (When available)

Ground Beef                                                                         $ 6.75/lb

Ground Beef Patties 1/3 lb each                                           $7.25/lb

Tenderloin: The most tender cut!                                        $16.60/lb

Rib Eye Steaks: Very tender and perfect for grilling                                                                                  $15.25/lb

New York Steaks: Tender, boneless, and heavenly          $15.25/lb

Flat Iron Steaks: very tender, large, and economical – your best value!                                                                                  $8.75/lb

 Top Sirloin Steaks                                                            $10.00/lb

Tri Tip Steaks                                                                    $ 10.25/lb

 We have roasts, stew meat, stir fry and various cuts of Yak meat.

Call to arrange for pre-order, purchase and pick up: 360-220-5103


“I have been spoiling myself on your steaks at the co-op and am very, very pleased with my choice to purchase the 1/2 beef.”  – Charles Thayer



“Thank you Matheson Farms for offering local holistic grass fed “to the end” beef,  I am very grateful for your farm in the local community.”  – George Newell


Reservations are being taken for this year’s grass fed beef by the whole, half, or quarter. Contact us to be on the  list and please check with us for pricing and availability prior to making a deposit.


Beef must be picked up by the buyer. It will not be shipped. We are located in Bellingham, Whatcom County, WA

See our FAQ about Grass Fed Beef 

A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to confirm a reservation. The balance will be determined and must be paid prior to processing. 



For more information about Matheson Farms and Grass Fed Beef:

Email: Contact Us

Phone: 360-220-5103

Call before faxing:  360-398-7866